Arrest Made in Mysterious Florida Hit and Run Accident From August

Arrest Made in Mysterious Florida Hit and Run Accident From August

On Monday a man was arrested for a hit and run that killed a man early on August 29th.  A North Florida officer was called to the scene on Highway 22 and Highway 31 to deal with a disorderly individual.  Investigators arrived on the scene the caller told him a man got out of their car after an argument and refused to get back into the car.  At this point the driver left the scene leaving the man at the side of the road.

The police began searching for a man when news came in that a pedestrian had been hit in the area of Highway 31 and Highway 22.  When officers received a description of the victim it matched the description of the missing pedestrian.

It is thought by officers that the man was struck while he was walking along the road and then the car sped off leaving tire marks.  The report states that then a second vehicle struck him and then pulled over call 911.  As the second driver was calling for help a third car struck the man and again fled the scene before police arrived.

Later officials confirmed that the person officers were searching for earlier was in fact the victim of the fatal hit and run.  He was 23-year-old Andrew McGuire from Florida.

ccident Gregory Harrison Wilson turned himself

Monday following the accident Gregory Harrison Wilson turned himself in to North Florida police.  He is 53 years old and was then charged, with hit and run, duties of driver involved in accident death.  His bond is set at 10,000 and he was released two hours after his arrest.

personal injury attorney at a top law firm in Myrtle Beach“This is a sad tragedy from every aspect of the case.  An argument, followed by a pedestrian wandering the road, only to be struck not once by a car but three different times.  When someone gets behind the wheel they need to take stock of the responsibility that goes along with driving.  If a mistake is made, then always do the right thing and call police right away,” says Matthew J. Jacobs of Jhon Bales, a personal injury attorney at a top law firm in Florida.

If you or a family member is a victim of a crime or accident that was no fault of your own the first step is to consult a personal injury attorney.  Find a great one in your area and schedule a consultation.  They will evaluate your individual case and guide you towards the solution that is best for you.  If they determine that a civil suit is the way to go, they will start the process by filing the paper work for you and taking the burden off your shoulders.  Often times once that part is finished attorneys will enter into negotiations where most civil cases are settled.  Keep in mind all cases are different and have different outcomes.  Let an John Bales Attorneys fight for you rights and get the compensation you deserve if you have been injured.



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Immigration Lawyers in the Tampa

Immigration Lawyers in the Tampa

According to some law news in Tampa, immigration attorneys assist clients in all immigration matters including, employment or family based immigration, deportation defense, fiancé visas, acquiring citizenship and student visas. Tampa Immigration lawyers are all experienced and also legal professionals who are dedicated to solving any of your immigration problems. Apart from, whether you are fighting deportation to remain here or you need help gaining legal entry into the United States you can find help here in Tampa. Florida Law advisers are one of the best. However, beside them you have many other well qualified and experienced lawyers who will do a great legal job for you.

You get more than just help preparing immigration applications and forms when you hire Florida Law Advisers. The team of legal professionals will be with you every step of the way sound legal representation you can trust and delivering excellent customer service. It is very important that you hire an experienced Tampa Immigration lawyer who understands in detail the law Immigration law, because this law can be very complex, and your lawyer can use his or her skills and knowledge in order to deliver the results you want.


There is no one size which fits all approaches in order to solve important immigration matters of every client’s situation because each and every situation is unique and also requires personalized service. You should know that there are many types of visas and defenses to deportation available as well, every with their own procedures and requirements. So, it is very important that you hire Tampa immigration lawyer such as the guys at who will modify their representation to the specific facts of your case. They will review all the details of your case at Florida Law Advisers and develop a complete legal strategy which is based on your individualized, specific needs. Also, they will carefully explain the modified legal strategy for your case, navigate your case through the suitable federal agencies and answer all your questions. You can contact them today to schedule a free consultation in order to find out more on a Tampa immigration lawyer.


Deportation Defense

This is a frightening thing to face, it can destroy lives, rip families apart and have other serious effects on families and individuals. However, you can be confident in the outcome of your case with the help of a Tampa immigration attorney. Tampa immigration lawyers have years of experience productively advocating against deportation. Very often, they are able to successfully fight the deportation of their clients by adjustment of status, petitioning for cancellation of removal orders, waivers, and using mistakes which are made by immigration officers to their client’s advantage. Their experience helps them know precisely what immigration judges are seeking in deportation hearings and they work determinedly in order to provide the witnesses and evidence necessary to influence the court  to rule against deportation. They also understand that staying in the U.S. and keeping your family together is important and you can rest assured that they will handle these matters with aggressive and dedicated legal representation on your behalf.

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Life After Bankruptcy

Life After Bankruptcy

A bankruptcy can stay on your credit report for up to ten years; but, this doesn’t mean you have to wait ten years to buy a new home or to get a new credit card. You can start to quickly rebuild your credit and put the bankruptcy behind you with the help of a bankruptcy lawyer. A Tampa bankruptcy attorney will develop a modified credit restoration plan which will be based on your specific needs. They consider all of the circumstances of your case when developing a plan for you, including your long-term and short-term credit objectives in order to make a plan that is right for you.

Their credit restoration plan will include in some cases:

Consult a Bankruptcy Attorney in the Tampa

Bankruptcy attorneys know there will be many challenges in order to regain a high credit score. That is why they always provide their clients with reasonable expectations. Do not hesitate to contact Florida Law Advisers for help if you are considering filing for bankruptcy or need help restoring your credit because of bankruptcy. A bankruptcy lawyer will be glad to discuss all of the possible options with you, answer your questions and help you recover your financial strength. Their initial consultation is free, and they also offer low-cost, flexible payment options for all of their clients.

  1. Creating a Savings Account:

Most credit cards are unsecured loans, which means that there is no guarantee the lender can reclaim if you fail to pay. Typically, lenders charge higher interest rates for loans without collateral and have tougher qualifications. If you aren’t able to get an unsecured credit card, you should make regular deposits if you start a savings account at a credit union. Even depositing ten dollars a month will begin to build up your savings account. And after a few deposits, you may be able to get new credit by using the savings account as collateral.


  1. Obtaining New Credit:

Credit bureaus like to see that you are able to pay them back on time and that lenders are extending you credit. And in most cases, the higher your credit score will be as the more credit you have is being paid back on time.

Practically, you may not qualify for large amounts of credit right away after filing for bankruptcy. But, this should not stop you from looking for small amounts of credit. For example, new credit cards with a balance of only three hundred dollars can help improve your credit score. While many credit card companies will be doubtful about extending credit so soon after bankruptcy, some retailers will be more willing. Retailers (for example gas stations,) will frequently have fewer restrictions for new applicants if you compare them to the banks.


  1. Credit Monitoring:

They will get a copy from each of the credit bureaus (Johnbales checks Transunion, Experian and Equifax) to make sure that all of the debts you discharged in bankruptcy are properly reported. So, you can get a head start in rebuilding your credit by making sure that your credit report is correct and updated right away after declaring bankruptcy. Additionally, they can help you send written explanations to the credit bureaus explaining why you filed for bankruptcy together with informing them of the result of your case. Also, this strategy can help limit the instant effect that filing for bankruptcy could have on your credit.

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Reaffirmation of Debt in Tampa

Reaffirmation of Debt in Tampa

Borrowers file for bankruptcy in most cases because of their ability to discharge their debts. A bankruptcy discharge is a everlasting court order forbids the creditor from taking any collection action against the borrower and releasing the borrower from the responsibility of having to pay the debt.

But, in some cases a borrower may want to repeat a debt in bankruptcy, instead of discharge it. Usually a borrower will replicate a debt when the debt has guarantee the borrower wants to keep, like a valuable jewelry or car. The borrower willingly agrees to pay the creditor all or a portion of the money owed when a debt is reaffirmed. The creditor can ask for a repossession and some other legal actions in order to collect the debt if a debt is reaffirmed and the borrower fails to pay the debt.

Requirements for Reaffirmation:

Reaffirmation agreements are entirely voluntary, which means that a borrower in bankruptcy can never be obliged to reaffirm a debt. Additionally, before they can become effective, all reaffirmation agreements have to be approved by the bankruptcy court.


A court will approve reaffirmation agreements only if:

  •  It is entered into willingly
  •  It is in the best concern of the borrower
  •  The creditor gives something of worth in return for the borrower signing the agreement
  •   The borrower has the ability to repay the debt

How To Keep Your Property Without Reaffirmation:

A good tool for borrowers is reaffirmation, but only if it is used in suitable situations. In some cases it may not be a good idea to reaffirm the debt if the property you want to keep qualifies for a bankruptcy exemption. The borrower will be allowed to keep the asset without having to reaffirm the debt if the property is exempt. The amount that is eligible for an exemption and which type of property will be determined by both Florida Bankruptcy law and Federal bankruptcy law.

You can contact them to speak with a tampa lawyer if you have any questions about the type of property and amount that can be exempted in bankruptcy. Most exemption questions can be answered over the phone. They offer free in-person consultations for borrowers considering filing for bankruptcy for more in-depth questions.


Consult a Bankruptcy Lawyer in the Tampa Bay Area Today

Florida Law Advisers may be able to help you if you are having a difficult time meeting your financial obligations. Tampa bankruptcy attorneys have years of experience helping people to solve their financial problems. They understand these are very difficult times for you and they are here to help. They have many options available that can help you to regain your financial health and to successfully manage your debt.

Filing for bankruptcy may be a good solution in some cases; however, it is often not the only solution available. And the right course of action will rely on the unique circumstances of your case. During the consultation a qualified Tampa Bankruptcy attorney will cautiously review the facts of your case and they will help you to choose the action which is best for your specific needs.

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Tampa Imigration Law News

Tampa Imigration Law News

Family Based Immigration

The thing is that lawful permanent residents and U.S. citizens can petition to have family members living abroad, join them in the United States under current immigration law. Family based immigration can allow for parents, children, siblings, and a fiancée or spouse to enter the United States and become lawful permanent residents. But, if you don’t have knowledgeable legal representation assisting you, keep in mind that family based immigration can be a very difficult process. So, it is very important that you hire a Tampa immigration lawyer who has a detailed understanding of the family based immigration requirements and process. In a denial of your application and years of delays can result in failure to hire a competent attorney. You can contact Florida Law Advisers if you need help obtaining a family based visa. Tampa immigration lawyers have a careful understanding of the family based immigration visa process and they can use their experience and skill in order to help you reunite with your family as easily and quickly as possible.sp2


They help both businesses and individuals in all immigration related matters at Florida Law Advisers. They can help individuals to get employment visas that may allow them to come to the United States and stay there on a permanent or temporary basis. Also they help businesses bring foreign workers to the United States and ensure they are obedient with all employment immigration laws. Keep in mind that if you don’t have competent legal counsel, employment based immigration can be a lengthy and very difficult process. The law is very complex and continuously changing. Every year, there are new types of employment that may have preference, new requirements and new procedures for security of the country. However, the Tampa personal injury attorneys are always up-to-date on fresh changes in the law and are skillful in obtaining employment based visas for businesses and employees. You can contact them by either website, email or telephone for more information and how they can help with your employment based immigration needs.


K-1 – Fiancé Visa

A fiancé visa or K-1 visa is a temporary visa, which allows a fiancé of a United States citizen to enter the U.S. get married, and then become a permanent resident. Also, the K-1 visa is temporary, and the couple must marry inside ninety days of the visa being issued, or the visa will expire and the fiancé could be forced to leave the United States. There are a few requirements the couple have to satisfy for a K-1 visa to be issued. Additionally, the couple will need to file petitions with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services in order to regulate the temporary status in order to permanent resident status inside the time agreed.

It can help you understand precisely how the fiancé visa program works and eliminate delays by speaking with a Tampa immigration attorney. An exciting time in a person’s life is obtaining a fiancé visa and they are here to help. Their Tampa immigration attorneys can prepare the necessary documents, answer your questions, and manage your application throughout the visa process.


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Flat Fee Divorce Representation and Grandparent’s Rights Tampa

Flat Fee Divorce Representation and Grandparent’s Rights Tampa

For a couple, divorce can be a very expensive and stressful process. They understand this, and they want to help to ease the financial burden and confusion that a divorce can make. Florida Law Advisers offers many inventive solutions to the traditional contested divorce – for example a low-cost flat fee divorce. Their flat fee divorce can cover all of the same issues as a contested divorce, such as alimony, child support, property division and child custody. Their flat fee divorce program may be an ideal fit for your needs if you and your spouse agree on the terms of the marriage dissolution. A flat fee divorce can save you money and time on your divorce.

Your flat fee divorce can be completed in as little as twenty days with the help of an experienced Tampa divorce lawyer. Then again, contested divorces can take many months and, and also in some cases, years to complete. Their professional legal team will help draft all the essential legal documents and professionally navigate your divorce through the Florida court system. You can rest secure that you have a team of skilled attorneys ready to defend your rights in court if an issue arises that can’t be amicably resolved between the two parties. Tampa divorce lawyers are skilled advocates in the courtroom and very knowledgeable of Florida divorce law.

Also, grandparents can play a key role in caring and rising for their grandchildren. Like most people, we have fond memories of our grandparents and we are thankful for the important role they had our lives. Regrettably, in some situations, a parent will restrict or prohibit the visitation and contact rights of a child’s grandparents. And when this happens, grandparents should look for the aid of an experienced Florida family law attorney.


Grandparents and other family members have the right to file a petition with the court requesting visitation under Florida family law. But, if a grandparent can show it will be in the child’s best interests, a court will only grant visitation rights, and that there would be a important detriment to the child if visitation rights aren’t granted.

The court will consider many factors when determining if visitation will be in the best interests of the child, such as:

  •  The opinions of the parents, children and grandparent.
  • The capability of the grandparent to provide a nurturing and stable environment.
  • How involved the grandparent has been in the life of child.
  • The strength of the relationship the grandparent has with the child.
  • Whether the grandparents are able to provide an environment that will meet the needs of a child.
  • The child’s preference.
  • Grandparents-Rights-Small

The grandparent must show that the child is in danger of being harmed or hurt in addition to proving that visitation is in the child’s best interest. For example, if the child’s parents have drug or alcohol abuse problems it could pose a danger to the child. Some other circumstances such as domestic violence, criminal activity and mental illness can also place the child in danger of being harmed and convince a court that custody or visitation rights should be given to grandparents and other family members.

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