Arrest Made in Mysterious Florida Hit and Run Accident From August

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Arrest Made in Mysterious Florida Hit and Run Accident From August

On Monday a man was arrested for a hit and run that killed a man early on August 29th.  A North Florida officer was called to the scene on Highway 22 and Highway 31 to deal with a disorderly individual.  Investigators arrived on the scene the caller told him a man got out of their car after an argument and refused to get back into the car.  At this point the driver left the scene leaving the man at the side of the road.

The police began searching for a man when news came in that a pedestrian had been hit in the area of Highway 31 and Highway 22.  When officers received a description of the victim it matched the description of the missing pedestrian.

It is thought by officers that the man was struck while he was walking along the road and then the car sped off leaving tire marks.  The report states that then a second vehicle struck him and then pulled over call 911.  As the second driver was calling for help a third car struck the man and again fled the scene before police arrived.

Later officials confirmed that the person officers were searching for earlier was in fact the victim of the fatal hit and run.  He was 23-year-old Andrew McGuire from Florida.

ccident Gregory Harrison Wilson turned himself

Monday following the accident Gregory Harrison Wilson turned himself in to North Florida police.  He is 53 years old and was then charged, with hit and run, duties of driver involved in accident death.  His bond is set at 10,000 and he was released two hours after his arrest.

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